Important Stuff

Travelling from the south: M6 motorway exit 40 to Ireby is 21 miles. Take M6 exit 40 onto the A66 towards Keswick then follow A591 towards Bassenthwaite, as you approach the Castle Inn Hotel Ireby is signposted to the right and is just over 4 miles from this point.

Travelling from the North: Carlisle to Ireby is 18 miles. Take the A595 west towards Cockermouth, turn left at Mealsgate, Ireby is 3 miles from this point.

Travelling from the West and Cockermouth: There are several options but for those unfamiliar with the area it's best to take the A595 north to Mealsgate and turn right. Do not take the Torpenhow road it is very narrow and best avoided.

Access to the festival site: Campers may access the camp fields from 11am Friday.

Festival Office: Opens at 12.noon on Friday and 10am Saturday.

Non campers: Car park opens at 1pm Friday.

Car parking: Main car park opens at 1pm Friday and 10am Saturday. Please avoid parking on the main street or in the village square.  Our Stewards will guide and assist you to park in the right place to ensure optimum use of parking space. 5mph max speed at all times please.

Camping - Caravans - Campervans - Toilets  - BBQs: Portable toilets and chemical toilet waste disposal facilities are situated in the camp fields. Toilets are also situated in the Globe Hall, and the W.I Hall. There is no toilet facility at St James' Church or the 12th century Chancel. On the camp field small portable BBQs are allowed but not open fires. There is no power link up or showers. A torch is essential.

If you are camping, one car may be parked next to your tent provided you don't intend to use your car before the end of the festival otherwise you should use the main car park. Camping passes will be allocated when you collect your wristbands these should be clearly hung from your car rear view mirror. 2 Day campers must vacate the site by 12 noon Sunday

Three day camping option: Music at the festival ends after the final main stage show around 23.00 on Saturday night. Choosing a three day camp option allows the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. And or have lunch at Emily’s Black Lion pub or Mae’s Tea Rooms and Gallery, Uldale. Three day campers must vacate the site by 12 noon Monday.

Dogs: For safety reasons, principally to protect farm animals in adjacent fields, and young children attending the festival, dogs are not allowed into the the main arena camp fields or into the main marquee, the Globe Hall and St James’ Church.  Registered guide animals are welcome.

Kites and Drones: These are not permitted due to the close proximity of overhead power lines.

Disability access: The 12th century Chancel is in the middle of a field and unfortunately is not accessible to anyone who is a wheelchair user. All other music venues are accessible but some assistance may be required to access the main stage marquee; our stewards will gladly help if required.

If you would like additional assistance or provision please contact us in advance and we will do all we can to make your stay enjoyable. There is no toilet facility at St James’ Church.

Shops: Alan Young’s farm in the centre of the village main street sells eggs (hen dependant!), milk and vegetables. The nearest grocery store and post office is in Caldbeck (6 miles). You can also find banks, shops and a post office in Wigton (7 miles) Keswick (13 miles) Cockermouth (12 miles).

On Site Catering: Food stalls and the festival Bar are situated next to the main stage marquee. If you fancy homemade teas and cakes or soup these are available from the W.I.Hall cafe. Please note you cannot consume your own alcohol in the Skiddaw view Bar.

Rubbish Disposal: Every venue has easily accessible rubbish bins please don't leave rubbish on venue floors. To ensure the safety of farm animals place empty bottles and bottle tops, cans, plastic containers, cigarette butts and all other rubbish in the designated bins. To maximise space in the bins please compress boxes and large plastic bottles before disposal.

Food Outlet Proprietors are responsible for the disposal of all rubbish generated in the preparation stages of their catering provision and must ensure it is taken away with them when they leave.

Distance to Venues: The Globe Hall, the Women's Institute, Emily’s Black Lion pub and the school are all situated in the village square area. From here, St James Church, Ireby is at the opposite end of the village about a 7 minute walk. Mae's Tea room and Galleries in Uldale is a 35 minute walk.

Skiddaw View main stage is a 5 minute walk from the car park and about 8 minutes from the village square and St James’ Church.

Ireby 12th Century Chancel is 1 mile, about 25 minutes from the camp site. One of our Stewards will lead a walk to this venue starting at the festival office.

Seating: All venues have un-reserved seating. Some venues may have part seating and part standing, some concerts may be all standing. 

Performances: Every effort will be made to carry out the programme as advertised. Ireby Festival gives no guarantee that artists listed on the web site or in the festival programme or any other publicity will perform at any particular time, or at all, and reserve the right to present alternative performers and re-programme events when unforeseen circumstances prevail. 

Official festival photography: Unless we are told to the contrary, we will assume all ticket holders consent to their inclusion in any post festival printed, visual and audio publicity.

Personal safety on site: The festival staff will make every effort to ensure the safety of ticket holders, however when you enter the festival arena, marquees camp fields and car park areas, you do so with the knowledge of potential trip hazards and uneven surfaces and you acknowledge the festival is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to your vehicle.

Smoking and Vaping: is not permitted in any festival venue.

Unacceptable behaviour: Our festival has a proven record of being a safe and friendly place to be for all age groups. However management and or security staff may deem it neccessary to refuse entry or remove temporarily or permanantly from any venue or the camp site in general,  any individual who’s behaviour impacts or may impact on the enjoyment of others. In such circumstances no ticket  re-fund will be given.

Basic First Aid: Is accessible in the Globe Hall, the Skiddaw View Bar and at the Festival Office. 

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